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We unlock doors for tomorrow’s leaders. Children are the key to our future. Our mission is to bridge the gap between children and the resources, facilities, and opportunities that are not readily available in order for them to secure a successful future. Our goal is to foster a healthy, safe and supportive learning environment that encourages children to pursue their goals and dreams.

We strive to bring forth each child’s full potential, despite the many challenges they may face in their inner city or suburban upbringing. By identifying these deficits, we are able to find creative ways to address each child’s needs by providing the necessary tools for success, which may range from backpacks & school supplies to basic essentials including meals and coats, and extracurricular workshops such as healthy eating & fine arts. At keys4kids, no child is discriminated against due to nationality, ethnicity, or social class. We embrace all children as global citizens with equal capabilities. Keys4kids understands that when unity is established in our children, the beauty of diversity will shine through. Unity is key.







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In 2017 donations from the UK transformed the lives of more than

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